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Auto Body Evolution offers comprehensive accident repair options that help evolve your vehicle into its very best. Whether you’re helping a client repair their vehicle after an accident or looking to freshen up your car’s current style, we’ve got you covered! Your satisfaction is not only guaranteed—it’s our top priority.

We know how important quick responses are when it comes to vehicle repair needs. We want to be someone you and your clients can count on. We offer a live chat service, so we can respond to your needs as quickly as possible and at a time that is most convenient for you.

Ready to get things moving? We offer free estimates and appointment bookings for all potential customers. At Auto Body Evolution, we believe in keeping things simple: just fill out your information online, select an appointment date and time that best fits your schedule, and we’ll look over the vehicle and provide you with a fair price estimate before any work is done. You’ll know ahead of time how much things will cost, and you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

Auto Detailing

Internal and External Auto Detailing  Restore your vehicle to its original luster Only one car is YOUR car. There may be plenty of vehicles out there that are the same make and model—but there’s only one that belongs to and represents you. When every detail deserves to be at its very best, we’re up for...

auto detailing

Body Frame Repair

Quality Body Frame Repair Services  The vehicle you’re contacting us about is important. Not just to you or your client, but to us as a team. When it’s in need of body repair, we take great pride in working hard to restore it to pristine, factory condition. A PEEK AT OUR PROCESS: External damage like...

dent repair

Dent and Scratch Repair

Here for life's dings & dents The road of life is a great one, but it’s never ding and dent free. From hail damage to stubborn stones, this type of auto damage is often unpreventable. Whatever type of damage you may have sustained, our technicians are ready to make it look new. Not only are...

mechanic using repairing equipment to fix damaged windshield

Glass Replacement

A clean, clear windshield is critical for road safety Too often, even the smallest chip can result in a sudden, obstructed view for the driver when hit with another stray rock. Whether your vehicle has suffered from a small or large crack, a speedy repair is necessary to prevent bigger problems down the road. A...

painting services

Paint Repair and Services

Auto Body Paint Repair We believe in quality, which is why all our repairs are done with parts that will help your car run well and look great. Insurance companies and customers share the same important need after an accident: to partner with an auto body shop that they can truly trust. We take the...

maryland towing services

Towing Services

When you need a tow, we have you covered Accidents are unpredictable, which is why towing is available at all times, on all days, all year round. Our drivers have one focus following your accident: to get to you and get your vehicle transported to our shop safely. THE TOWING DETAILS There will understandably be...

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